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  • A WISE NOTE TO IMMIGRANTS: from an Immigrant

    Prager University is a wealth of information. 

    This email, with a video, FROM PRAGER U,  was titled

    ‘Immigrants- Don’t Vote for What you Fled’

    along with this brief message:

    Guatemalan citizen Gloria Alvarez has a question for the millions of Hispanic immigrants living in the United States: Why do you support the same policies in America that made you flee your home country? Alvarez, a radio broadcaster and project director at the National Civic Movement of Guatemala, explains what makes America different—namely limited government and free enterprise. But by supporting “progressive” policies, Latino immigrants—whether legal or illegal—will help make America’s government as large and as corrupt as the ones they ran away from. So, why do so many immigrants support left-wing ideas? Watch Gloria’s video to understand.



    Watch the Video at Prager University : HERE

    Watch the Spanish version: HERE


    Check out the LIBRARY at Prager University  – choose education NOT INDOCTRINATION

  • EDUCATE Yourself first – THEN Spread your message

    Do you ever find yourself in a war of words with someone who challenges your Political Views?

    Community Organizing , once a field dominated by those at the  left of center, is getting some badly needed  competition by those who are developing great Resources for all of us who want to get our point across but maybe  get verbally challenged in the moment.

    Here are a few of topics, where free videos have been developed by Radio Show Host Hugh Prager and his resource and research teams at Prager University. He uses Educators and leaders in their field to explain, in simple terms,  a multitude of topics

    Do you have a Conservative Student at college who may feel like they have been thrust into an idealogical universe? Check out / and Share the   CONSERVATIVE STUDENT SURVIVAL GUIDE

    Can the Government Run the Economy?

    Income Inequality is Good

    Where your Electricity Comes From

    Do You Understand the Electoral College?



    FREE Videos at Prager University



  • Governor’s Debate Forum


    The Governor’s Debate Forum

    Well on Saturday April 19, 2014 another Pinal County Republican Committee Debate Forum has passed by. Last Saturday was the fourth debate forum since January hosted by the Pinal County Republican Committee. These debates continue through July.

    Future Debate Forums: May 17, 2014 – Congressional District 1; June 21, 2014 – Treasurer; and July 19, 2014 – Justice of the Peace and Constable.

    Turnout at Governor’s Debate Forum was a full house! The candidates showed up and took part, except John Molina. Candidates taking part in the Governor’s Debate Forum were: Ken Bennett, Doug Ducey, Christine Jones, Alice Lukasik, Al Melvin, Frank Riggs, and Scott Smith. The forum was moderated by the Arizona Grand Old Party (AZGOP) Chairman Robert Graham.

    The audience provided questions presented to the candidates by the moderator of the forum. Topics covered were:

    The Economy and Jobs for Arizona, Common Core Standards (aka Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards), In-Situ Copper Mine in Florence, Arizona, Managing Business and Political Organizations Reducing Arizona’s Deficit Medicaid Expansion, and Closing Remarks.

    I had to divide the video in to eight parts which are shorter and easier to watch within ten to twenty minutes. The video blow is the first video in the eight part series and is the introduction.

    The forum began with Seraphim Larsen, Chairman of the Pinal County Republican Committee, introduces the moderator, Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Grand Old Party. Mr. Graham then calls up the seven candidates running for the office of Arizona Governor. The candidates talk about their backgrounds in most of the video.

    This video is just over twenty-one minutes long because of the number of candidates who each had an average of two minutes each to speak. So I hope it is not too long to watch in its entirety.

  • AZGOP Mandatory Meeting

    Pinal County at the AZGOP Mandatory Meeting


    Last Saturday was the AZGOP State Mandatory Meeting. At this meeting State Committeemen gather from across Arizona to make decisions on party officers and resolutions. State Committeemen from the Pinal County Republican Committee were there.

    The meeting was at Grace Community Church in Tempe, Arizona. Pinal County had great seating this year right in front of the stage. Even though we were assigned three rows of pews. Despite having some proxies the Pinal County section was full.

    AZGOP Mandatory Meeting
    Section for Pinal County at the AZGOP Mandatory Meeting.

    During the meeting we heard remarks from:
    Governor Jan Brewer, Congressman Matt Salmon, Congressman Trent Franks, Congressman David Schweikert, Congressman Paul Gosar, Arizona Senate President Andy Biggs, Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and National Committeeman Bruce Ash.

    The Resolutions that were passed at the Mandatory Meeting were:

    10th Amendment Resolution.

    The 10th Amendment to the US Constitution is the assertion of States Rights. With this resolution the AZGOP supports State Sovereignty for Arizona over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the Federal Government by the US Constitution.

    Resolution to Repeal the 17th Amendment.

    The 17th Amendment to the US Constitution controls how Senators are elected and vacancies are filled by the states. Superseding the original process laid down by the founding fathers in Article 1, Section 3, Clauses 1 and 2 of the US Constitution. Originally the process was to have Senators elected by State Legislatures. Some say that with the 17th Amendment the states lost any representation in Federal Government and violated the state suffrage clause of Article V of the Constitution.

    With the repeal of the 17th Amendment the AZGOP hopes to restore the original process to a Balance of Power the Federal Government and the fifty Sovereign States.

    PCRC Mandatory Meeting
    PCRC at the AZGOP Mandatory Meeting

    Resolution Supporting US History Education.

    With this resolution the Arizona Republican Party intends to hold the Arizona Board of Regents accountable for education curriculum. This resolution will require the Board of Regents to review all public college and university curricula and require basic US History to be taught. In addition to basic history the resolution holds that the history of our Founding Fathers and Making of America to be taught as well. This includes the principles of the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Constitution, and speeches made during the Constitutional Convention.

    Resolution Urging the Institution of Caucuses to Nominate Candidates for General Elections.

    This resolution urges each county party and district organization to adopt resolutions supporting a caucus process for selecting Republican nominees for general elections.

    Resolution in support of a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR).

    Arizona Republicans believe that taxpayers have a right to a government that does not grow beyond their ability to pay. Out of control government spending and tax increases become a burden on taxpayers and harms economic performance. This resolution is an assurance that the Arizona government protects taxpayers and the state economy from high taxes.

    AZGOP Mandatory Meeting
    Seraphim Larsen (PCRC Chairman) and PCRC State Committeemen

    Resolution Supporting Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    Condemning the US DOJ, the courts, and other groups attempts to intimidate and thwart Sheriff Joe Arpaio to fulfill his Constitutional duty. The AZGOP commends Sheriff Joe Arpaio in his attempts to fulfill his Oath of Office.

    Resolution Supporting US Senator’s Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and those who stand with them.

    Arizona Republicans recognize and applaud the efforts of Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in staying true to the Republican Platform. They have stood up against outrageous debt, reckless spending, and federal takeover of citizen’s healthcare.

    In addition to the resolutions an additional resolution was passed from the floor. This was the Resolution to Censure Senator John McCain.

  • AZGOP Campaign University: Session 1

    Candidate or Campaign Staffer? Hear From GOP Experts:

    If you are a candidate or campaign staffer you are invited to a special candidate education seminar on October 12th from 8 am to 1 pm at the AZGOP Headquarters in Phoenix. Noted Republican campaign consultants and party staffers, including Sean Noble, Chad Willems, Alan Heywood and others will discuss the world of campaigning in Arizona. Cost is $25 per person and includes lunch, register here.

    AZGOP Campaign University: Session 1