Issues that people concern themselves in politics are many. The Pinal County Republican Committee has opinions on some of the issues based on the platforms of the Arizona GOP and Republican National Committee.

The United States Constitution is one of the greatest documents ever written. This document gives purpose, limits government, and has become the model of liberty. The Republican Party considers themselves the party of the Constitution.

Following the Constitution we believe discrimination is unacceptable and immoral. We believe individual potential and merit is the basis of advancement in society. We have inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Americans have a right to follow their beliefs in the traditions set into motion by our Founding Fathers.

 In Arizona, the Pinal County Republican Committee (PCRC) re-enforces the stance of the AZGOP. We support judges in state and federal supreme courts to interpret the constitutions of Arizona and the United States in the tradition of the Founding Fathers.

 The Government is obligated to enforce all citizen-passed initiatives considered constitutional. Leading by example the government must follow the rule of law. As American citizens we have the fundamental right to free speech, to bear arms, and private property.

 Following rule of law, government needs to enforce the immigration laws. America was built on the back, blood, sweat, and tears of its immigrants that arrived legally. Allowing immigrants to bypass laws to regulate immigration dishonors the generations that came before them.

The demand for healthcare is driven by lifestyle which contributes to chronic diseases. To lower the cost of healthcare, a drop in its demand needs to take place. To succeed at this we need personal responsibility and stress preventive services. All Americans deserve access to affordable, coordinated, quality healthcare.

 It is economic freedom and prosperity that makes freedom possible. As individuals we use self-discipline, hard work, savings, and investment to make prosperity possible. Through prosperity Americans can keep independence from government. This allows individuals and families to raise their children by their own values, practice their faith, and build communities of self-reliant neighbors.

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