Pinal County Teenage Republicans (PCTARs)

Lilia Dashevsky – Chairman of the Arizona Teenage Republicans:

Historical Background: The Teenage Republicans (TARs) is an official auxiliary to the Republican Party for which clubs are formed at the county and state level. TARs club are formed on and off campus of middle and high schools. A club shall be sponsored by a quality teacher if TARs meet on a school campus.

National TARs each year, since 1970, hosts the Teenage Republican Leadership Conference (TLC) in Washington DC. TLC participants will meet members of Congress, learn about club development, meet other Teenage Republicans from across the country, and tour capitol hill. The next TLC event is scheduled for Mid-July of 2014.

The PURPOSE of the Pinal County Teenage Republicans is to learn, promote, and to advance the principles of the Republican Party in our county, state of Arizona, and in the United States; to aid and cooperate with regularly established precinct, county, state and national organizations of the Republican Party; to promote government that upholds the Constitution and instill a sense of individual obligation to TARs club members’ school, community, state and nation.

The VISION for the Pinal County Teenage Republicans is to develop young men and women (age 13-19) a sense of awareness and to encourage the future of a strong Republican Party in Pinal County and abroad.

Our GOAL is to enable Teenage Republicans in Pinal County to become effective leaders among their peers and active in the political process.




We are looking for quality middle school and high school teachers located in Pinal County that are willing to sponsor a TARs club within your particular school. Another option is to form a TARs club off campus. In this case, we urge a Precinct Committeeman or a registered Republican member of the community to sponsor a TARs club off campus.  If you are a teacher, a precinct committeeman, or a registered Republican and interested to form a TARs club within Pinal County, then please contact the Pinal County Republican Committee and we will direct you :

Contact PCRC


“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”
Abraham Maslow



National TARs: http://www.teenagerepublicans.org

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